SUMMER SALE: Brothel Offers Free Sessions as Tax Protest.

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An innovative brothel owner has decided to “give back” to his community by giving away free visits with his prostitutes throughout the summer.

This isn’t some “one lucky winner” situation, either. There are lines of men around the corner of the building waiting for their free 15 minutes of ecstasy.

Hermann Müller, owner of the chain of Pascha brothels in Austria said the summer special is his protest against Taxation in the city of Salzburg.

“”In the last decade I have paid taxes of almost five million euros. The problem is, the tax office wants more and more money while at the same time they are not cracking down on illegal street and apartment prostitution.”

I’m betting the customers don’t care why.

“While the offer is on, I am not liable for any taxes. And the girls are happy because I am paying them their usual wages out of my own pocket,” said Müller.

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