Tiny Turtle Inspires Book for Tiny Humans

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Dwight the Turtle is under two inches long. About as long as my finger. He cannot talk, he’s probably in constant danger of being stepped on, and is certainly barely cognizant of the world.

And yet, despite this major handicap, Dwight has over 15,000 followers on Instagram and 6 million views on Facebook. And the thing everyone wants, a children’s book deal.

Yeah, seems like video game waiting to happen.
Yeah, seems like video game waiting to happen.

Dwight began his career  as the most famous non-teenage turtle when he was rescued from the literal gutter by Mike Miller in Colorado. No reports exist of a possible kung-fu rat. Mike, being 23 and thus aware that ‘all it takes to break the internet is a cute animal’, made Dwight into quite the roadster. With the book for children on the way, Mike has expanded plans to an App and a hard console game.