We have all been in those relationships where one of the partners was a little…let’s say overprotective. Kieran Lumsden’s  girlfriend, Whitney Travers, made a list of the “10 commandments” Lumsden was to follow while on his vacation (without the girlfriend) to Magaluf, an island off of Spain. Word of advice for Lumsden is run…fast!


Travers made a book for Lumsden that was written up in glitter and rainbows. Should be a nice going away card right? Just about the opposite.

The list contains 10 rules that Travers demanded Lumsden follow while away. Some of the rules are normal and expected such as keeping in contact with his girlfriend, but then it gets a bit more authoritative to say to say the least.0808B2

It’s quite obvious she is concerned about him cheating; take a look at Rules 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 10. No girls whatsoever! And she has his punishment all lined up, too. Lumsden, who is a fan of the Celtics, can kiss all his memorabilia goodbye if she finds out he was disobedient. And expect a living hell upon his return. Is it just me or does she seems like the kind of person who will destroy everything you love and ruin your life?

Rule 4: It seems tattoos are a big no-no in her book. She’s planning an inspection when he gets home to make sure. What??? Rule 6: No drinking games with the opposite sex, even if you are on a boat. So Rule 6 doesn’t apply if he’s on dry land?


Rule 7 wants him to “stay in his own bed” so he’d better not get tired and nap on the beach; the opposite sex could be there. So perhaps just stay in the hotel room at all times.  Hopefully when he orders room service, it isn’t a female attendant.


And to finish out the 10 commandments, Rule 8 suggest Lumsden shouldn’t spend any money on his vacation because that’s money he could spend on his significant other. He could just watch his buddies have fun and do activities while looking out the hotel room window. Lastly, if he talks to anyone, during his Connect 4 game, by himself, in his room, he should immediately state that he has a girlfriend and walk – no make that – RUN away, looking like a mad man.

On the plus side at least she wanted him to have a safe flight. How sweet! She does care. A lot!