21 Facts You Didn’t Know About Netflix – What is Netflix “God Mode”?

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If there’s a company that’s shaken entertainment more than Netflix, I haven’t heard of it (kinda proves it doesn’t exist, doesn’t it?). Still, there’s lots about Netflix that’s relatively unknown. Here’s the twenty highlights we found about Netflix!


1.Netflix’s First On Paper Name was Kibble

For incorporation purposes, anyway. The name come’s from Netflix’s CEO’s dog. It also was to reinforce an old marketing adage: “No matter how good the advertising, it’s not a success if the dogs don’t eat the dog food.”


2. Netflix Pays New Employees $18 an Hour

Not only that, but free Netflix and as many days off as the like. Christ, how do they get anything done?


3. A Wonderful Bug

Back in 2014, a bug caused one sentence summaries to smash together. The results sounded promising, including the Power Rangers assainating hitler on Christmas Eve.


4. Netflix Is Most Of The Internet

Netflix surprisingly takes up 36.5% of internet activity in the United States. For perspective, it’s competitors Hulu and Amazon take up about 2%.


5. Netflix Nearly Went the Way of Blockbuster

Way back in 2000, CEO Reed Hasting’s nearly sold 49% of Netflix stock to Blockbuster, offering to run Blockbuster’s online service. After turning this down, Blockbuster lit itself on fire, and was replaced with pet stores and Redbox.


6. Netflix Tricks Kids for Parents

Ranging from five minute ‘one more episodes’ to fake New Year countdowns, Netflix does it’s part in putting kids to bed.


7. Netflix Accidentally Sent Out Porn in 1998

Back in it’s infancy, Netflix wanted to give it’s subscribers something fresh. So, good patriots, they decided to send out Clinton’s testimony before the Grand Jury. Except, fittingly, there was a mix up and several hundred copies of hard core porn was sent out. Bill would’ve been proud.


8. Netflix Knows You Better Than Anyone in Hollywood

Personally, this seems obvious, but the degree is staggering. At the core of the Netflix recommendation algorithm are over 70,000 micro-genre’s that precisely describe every show. Compared to Hollywood’s more haphazard marketing, this is truly staggering.


9. Netflix Called Canada A Third World Country

Unlike most of the world, Netflix bases’s its classifications on internet speed and usage. Canada falls short on both accounts, leading to chief content officer Ted Sarandos to say “It’s almost a human rights violation what they’re charging for Internet access in Canada.”
Hyperbole? Maybe. Canadians in outrage…went back to politely watching their televisions.


10. Netflix Picks Programming Based On Pirates

Netflix knows what’s popular isn’t always whats on TV. So, to help with their programming reach everywhere, Netflix monitors illegal download sites such as BitTorrent. Not only does this help domestically, it also indicates what’s popular internationally.


11. Netflix is Spending $6 Billion on New Content

For all the old show’s it has, Netflix certainly is invested in new programming. CEO Ted Sarandos has said that over 600 hours of new original content will be available in 2016 (for those keeping track, that’s 1/12 of the total number of movies about World War 2)


12. Blackmarket Passwords Are Only A Quarter

Internet security giant Synmatec reported the Netflix passwords are some of the most vulnerable to fishing attacks, often being found and sold immediately on the dark web. How cheap are these passwords? 25 cents.


13. Netflix Was The First Streaming Company To Win an Award

Robin Wright’s Golden Globe for House of Cards was the first of it’s kind.


14. Netflix Was Nominated For It’s First Oscar In 2014

Covering the then new Arab Spring and revolt in Egypt, Square was the first Netflix original to get Academy recognition (even if it didn’t take home the little gold man).


15. Netflix Nearly Had It’s Own Award Show

The Flixies started in 2013, with the slogan “Honoring the ways you really watch Netflix”, and the promise of votable awards. It lasted a year, and more mainstream awards honoring netflix shows probably put the final nail into it’s…bizarrely shaped coffin. Seriously, that was it’s mascot?


16. Netflix Pays People To Sit Around Binging

Do you like binge watching programming? Well, Netflix has the job for you! Become a tagger! Since 2007, taggers have been the one marking show’s, giving ratings, and in general doing the stuff the Nielsen company normally would.


17. Netflix Has A Petabyte

Or, approximately 1000000 gigs of data. Because of how shockingly huge this is, Netflix also has to design it’s own hardware. The entire collection is on two types of servers, one flash drive based and one hard disked based.

How I Met Your Mother

18. Binge Watching Makes Up 60% Of Netflix’s Viewers

And at the top of those binge watchers (measured weekly), are people watching Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, and Bates Motel . An amazing amount all the same.


19. It Has A Rush Hour

Ever notice that Netflix gets really pixelated late at night? That’s because 35% of all American bandwidth is being funneled into the service from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. according to USA Today.


20. Netflix is Older Then Google

An internet without Google might be strange in this day and age, but stranger still is Netflix predating it by two years. Started as a mail service, Netflix has been around since 1998, while Google got off the ground in 2000.

21. There Was Once a Netflix “God Mode”

Web Developer Renan Cakirerk got tired of the horizontal scrolling that Netflix likes to use in their apps. While this interface might work well on a TV, on a computer it is less than ideal. So Cakirerk created a custom bookmarklet that let anyone who use it have full access to all titles in a more traditional interface. The feature was so popular that Netflix integrated the feature into their new site redesign and all users had access to “god mode”.