Top Fifteen Bizarre Last Meal Requests From Death Row Inmates

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There something irksome about last meals. A finality to it, being completely confronted with mortality. Ever wonder what some people chose? The answers can be a bit surprising, almost as surprising as the why (When they give it).

Ted Bundy

1.Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy, infamous serial killer, rapist, and necrophiliac, refused to request a last meal. Instead, he received the standard:steak, eggs, hash browns, toast, milk and juice . He still refused to eat it.

Teresa Lewis

2.Teresa Lewis

Convicted of killing her husband and stepson in 2002, Teresa Lewis’s request was oddly homey. She was served fried chicken, peas and butter, apple pie, and Dr. Pepper.

Allen Lee Davis

3.Allen Lee Davis

The controversial death row inmate was charged for the 1982 murder of a pregnant woman and two children. His last meal was one lobster tail, fried potatoes, a half pound of fried shrimp, six ounces of fried clams, half a loaf of garlic bread and 32 ounces of A&W Root Beer, one of the more expensive ones requested.

Victor Feguer

4.Victor Feguer

Victor was charged with and hanged for kidnapping and murder in 1963, with the dubious distinction of being the last person executed in Iowa. For his last meal, Victor asked for an olive, pit still in it, hoping an olive tree would grow out of his remains.

Timothy Mcveigh

5.Timothy McVeigh

Charged with 168 counts of murder, the Oklahoma City Bomber’s last meal was oddly childish: two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.


6.John Wayne Gacy

Charged with 33 cases of rape and murder, Gacy asked for a meal calling back to his time as KFC manager. To be precise, he asked for 12 fried shrimp, french fries, a bucket of KFC fried chicken, and strawberries. A strange send off to managing 3 different KFC locations.

Aileen Wuornos

7.Aileen Wuornos

Wurnos joins Bundy as a convicted serial killer who refused a special meal. She did enjoy a hamburger and other food from the prison’s canteen however, and later asked for a cup of coffee.


8.Ronnie Lee Gardner

Another controversial ruling, Gardner had quite an elaborate meal: steak, apple pie, vanilla ice cream and lobster tail. He then fasted for 48 hours while watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


9.Rick Ray Rector

Executed in 1992 for the 1981 murder of Robert Martin, a police officer in Conway Arkansas, Rector requested steak, fried chicken, Kool-Aid, and pecan pie. Rector did not finish the pie, however and before being taking to the execution chamber he informed the guards he was saving it for later.


10. Joesph Mitchell Parsons.

Parson’s last meal, in 1999, was three Burger King whoppers, two large orders of fries, a chocolate shake, chocolate chip ice cream, and a g package of Hubba Bubba bubblegum (which he shared with his brother and cousin). Parsons’ attorney gave a philosophic interpretation of the selection,saying the Burger king slogan “Have it your way” reflected Parsons’ taking control of his life.

Eric Nance

11. Eric Nance

Eric Nance was convicted of murder in the State of Arkansas and decided to help his body along on the whole dying thing. Nance ordered a meal of two bacon cheeseburgers, french fries, two pints of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and two Cokes. Who he was expecting, with two of everything, I have no clue.

Valema BArfield

12.Velma Barfield

A serial killer who claimed six people in her spree, Velma Barfield was sentenced to death by lethal injection. Her last meal was a bag of Cheez Doodles and a Coke, puting her somewhere between Bundy and Wuornos in serial killer meal quality.


13. Dobie Gilis Williams

Williams was convicted of the murder of Sonja Knippers in 1999. For his last meal, Williams asked for twenty candy bars and icecream, another murderer leaving on a sweet note. His last words were “I just want to say, I don’t have any hard feelings against anybody. God bless y’all. God bless.”


14. Ferdinando Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti

Convicted in 1920, SAcco and Vanzetti shared a final meal of soup, meat, toast, and tea. A rather simple meal, given everything we’ve seen. The brothers, perhaps due to the oddly usual meal, were cleared of all charges posthumously in 1977.


15. John David Duty

Sentenced to death for strangling a fellow inmate, Duty has the dubious distinction of bieng the only person on this list who’s fatal crime was committed in prison. Not to say he was a stand up guy before: he had recieved a life sentence for a 1978 conviction of rape, robbery and shooting with intent to kill. For his last meal, Duty requested a double cheesburger with mayo, a foot long hotdog (with cheese, mustard, and onions), a cherry limeade, and a banna shake.