Modern vets return home from Iraq and Afghanistan with some serious skills. For one paratrooper, those skills included some advanced had-to-hand combat techniques, which he finally found a good use for. Check out what he does to this would-be home invader.

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In Seattle, Washington, Army veteran, Andrew Myers, came face to face with a would-be burglar who tried to get physical..bad decision. Myers beat up the intruder and held him down until officers arrived on scene. All the while capturing it all on camera and putting it on YouTube.

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The would-be intruder approaches the home at 7:46p.m. He brazenly checks window frames as well as the basement door to see if they are unlocked.  Less than a minute later Myers enters the security video frame, making sure all doors and windows are locked in case the intruder gets past him. Myers then proceeds to go hunting for the intruder.

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Myers approached the man and said, “What’s up?”

“I live here,” the man claimed, according to Myers.

“You definitely do not live here,” Myers replied. When the robber asked who Myers was, he responded, “I do live here, buddy.”

At that point, Myers claims the man attempted to throw a punch, a big one. He described him stepping back and reeling up for a haymaker. Myers grabbed him.

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A fist fight ensued shortly after the exchanging of words. The would-be intruder discovered quickly what military training does to the opposition. Myers gains control of the fight almost immediately, landing a barrage of hits to the intruder’s head.

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Megan Pierowicz, Myer’s girlfriend, comes out on the phone, presumably with the police. Within moments the cops come into frame and take control of the situation. Myers stands up and immediately looks at the security camera with his arms up in disbelief. Myers explained to the officers he has seen the man around the neighborhood and believes he broke into his basement just days before.

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After the incident Myers posted the video to YouTube with the title, “Mr Wrong House – Robber meets Paratrooper.” Myers, who suffers from PTSD, set up a website to raise awareness of the disorder and all donations will go to Paws and Stripes, an organization that trains dogs to help those with PTSD.


For those who love the feeling you get from a fight well fought, check out these knuckles. I doubt he felt a whole lot of pain.

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