Ronda Rousey is a Certified WoW Playing, Pokemon Collecting, Dragon Ball Z Mega Nerd

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If you thought Ronda Rousey was only interested in administering arm bars and TKO’s inside the octagon you’d be sadly disappointed.

The queen of UFC is also a verified, certified, mega-nerd.

First off, she’s played and beat every single Pokemon video game to date. She’s an avid an avid player and a collector of the cards. There are even some reports that she is a moderator of a popular Pokemon message board. Watch her completely nerd out for several minutes when she’s simply asked what got her into Pokemon:

She’s a Night Elf Warrior in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. She got into the game while filming The Expendables. She said she had a lot of downtime between filming scenes and WoW was a great distraction. She says in the following video:

“I actually started playing when I was in Bulgaria shooting The Expendables, because I had a lot of down time. I started with a Night Elf Hunter, now I have a Blood Elf Rogue, a Night Elf Hunter, and I have another Night Elf Druid, but I’m not as into her so much right now because I like outfits, and the Druids kind of look better when they’re shape-shifting.”

“I just like mounts and outfits. So, right now, I’m totally more into my Night Elf because I just got a flying mount for it. It’s a Snowy Griffin. I’m pretty stoked on it. Once I could fly, I was like, ‘What, three dimensional everywhere!’ It just blew my mind. So, I’ve been flying around everywhere this whole camp.”

Finally, like any good nerd, she’s of course into Dragon Ball Z. She explains her obsession in the following video:

This explains a lot, since she is a Super Saiyan.

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