Recently Defeated Ronda Rousey Was Planned Cover For UFC 2

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EA sports covers: More accurate than a horoscope.
EA sports covers: More accurate than a horoscope.

Its the EA curse. It really is. EA puts an athlete the cover of a game (Typically Madden, but hey, got to make it a franchise). And then that shining athlete gets injured or otherwise has a simply horrible time immediately after. This time, though, the curse struck early. Ronda Rousey, previously undefeated and unmatched, was knocked out in the Sunday fight with Holly Holm. On Friday, EA announced that Rousey was going to be on the front of their latest UFC 2 game.


Now, Ronda might still make it on the cover, and one loss doesn’t make her any less of an athlete. EA has said she will still be one the box as the ‘Lead fighter’. Which means, a second fighter will be on the box. God bless them from what sort of misfortune is coming his way.