Renee Williams was rushing to get to her seats for the Thursday night matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Miami Dolphins. But there was one problem; her purse was too large to take into the stadium.

Rather than making the long hike back to her vehicle, she decided to do something many would consider unorthodox. She gave her purse to a homeless man.


Willaims saw a homeless man outside the stadium and offered him $5 to watch her purse while she was in the stadium. She originally thought about throwing the purse away or leaving it on a side street. She said, “It was a toss in the air.” Adding, “It really was, more or less, if it’s there, it’s there. If it’s not, it’s not.”

Three hours later, to her surprise and to many others who witnessed the act of kindness, her purse was right next to the homeless man. Nothing was missing from the purse, and he gave it back with a smile.


Williams was in awe and immediately hugged the man and thanked him for being a good, honest person. She snapped a photo with him and gave him all the money she had in her wallet as repayment.

“The first thing I wanted to do was take a picture with him so I could show the world, ‘Hey there are people out here that aren’t bad,’” Williams said.

Later that night she posted the picture on Facebook of her and the homeless man and described the events that transpired that night. She could have never imagined that it was about to go viral.

Williams said it wasn’t about the money she gave the man, or that he didn’t steal anything from the purse. She was just amazed that he kept his word.


“You never know what their situation might be, and there could be a very big heart behind a dirty face or dirty hands or no belongings,” Williams said.

“He definitely proved that.”