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Kid’s Lost Elephant Makes Round-The-World Journey: Faith in Humanity Restored

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If you were ever a kid, and I’d bet you were, I assume there was a toy you loved more than all of the others. For me, it was small stuffed bear named George. I still have George, which makes me among the lucky ones. But check out this story of one little kid who lost his beloved stuffed animal.

The wayward pachyderm came to the attention of those on Reddit when Redditor kontankarite posted this message: “Friend’s son lost his favorite toy. Parents said the elephant is traveling around the world. Would love to share images of his travel with his son.”

Here’s the elephant image that accompanied the plea for help.

07012016b 05

In the past, this would have meant someone would have had to find the elephant, and mail him around the world. But thank s to the magic of technology, the stuffed toy is on an epic adventure.

07012016b 16

Seems like the elephant has found spiritual enlightenment.

07012016b 30

He’s learned to dive. 07012016b 31

He’s making lots of new friends.

07012016b 29

Most of them seem just as protective of him as the kid who lost him.07012016b 28

He’s learning, the hard way, that life in the wild can be somewhat harsh.

07012016b 27

And that life can be exquisitely beautiful. 07012016b 26

He has found his way into some awkward situations, but is honing his sense of activism.

07012016b 25

And his sense of adventure.

07012016b 22

And he seems to have found his tender side, too. I know how this story ends, though. It isn’t good.

07012016b 21

Thankfully, he moved on. 07012016b 20

And he’s even showing up in some very unexpected places.

07012016b 19

And he’s gotten in touch with his dark father.07012016b 18

He’s even gone to mars.

07012016b 17

But he prefers the wilds and the company of his friends.

07012016b 15

This ship might not sink like the one Leo was on.07012016b 14

And there’s so much history to see.

07012016b 13

Lots of history.07012016b 12

Even more history. Thankfully, we evolve.

07012016b 11

His travels, though, are attracting attention.

07012016b 09

Don’t underestimate the philanthropy of the wizards at r/photoshopbattles. Some of these are so cute. 07012016b 08

Mayan ruins.

07012016b 07

American splendor.07012016b 06

Even some weird African dreamscapes.

07012016b 04

In the end, though, it seems he prefers the adventure. His travel agent has sent him to some great destinations.

07012016b 03

And some that will test anyone’s courage. 07012016b 02

After his around the world trips, he’s making it back home, and taking it easy.

07012016b 01

And finding the solitude and tranquility of a good walk in the woods.