If you have always wondered what’s in the top secret military location known as Area 51, we now have at least one answer. Aliens? UFO’s? No, apparently Area 51 has an undiscovered array of Pokémon!


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That’s right. For all you Pokémon Go lovers, Area 51 is now a part of the all consuming search for elusive Pokémon. According to Frag Hero, in a trip down to Area 51, they discovered that none of the Pokémon gyms there have been claimed. So it seems that there are still at least some people whose lives are not yet engulfed in Pokémania. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?


The area the Frag Hero folk searched did indeed feature Pokémon hunting grounds, several gyms, and Pokéstops. They even found a Pokémon right at the back gate of the military base and several rare Pokémon in the immediate surrounding area.


This remote area has a lot to offer players on the hunt for new Pokémon. Stay on the highway or venture into the desert. You decide. There are miles of untouched land just waiting for new discoveries. Area 51 does not prohibit “Pokémon Go” players from exploring the wild as long as they are very careful and don’t break any rules.


Surrounding towns, outside of Area 51, may also be of interests to searching players. In the very small town of Rachel, NV, there were plenty of  gyms that have yet to be claimed. You may recognize this town from movies such as Paul, Independence Day, and many others.


Area 51 definitely has a lot to entice Pokémon Go players, but it would be foolish to venture into this desert area without first doing some research. And maybe picking up a map. So hunt with care, Pokémon Go players. You might even find a Pikachu, because why not, that little guy is literally everywhere !

area 51

Happy hunting, Pokémon masters !