Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Share the Hilarious Story of Meeting Their Daughter’s First Date [VIDEO]

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one of country music’s power couples. They are the Jay-Z and Beyonce in the world of country music. McGraw and Hill have three daughters, and his eldest, Gracie, is now old enough to begin dating — the day every father dreads.

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On Thursday, McGraw appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and told a special story. McGraw, who was on tour at the time, was told by his wife that Gracie was going out on her first date.

Naturally, McGraw would have liked to be able to meet the young man and look him in the eye, but that seemed impossible this time. Hill explained that they’d carefully researched the young man, and she had met him and he was a nice, well-mannered boy.

McGraw told Fallon that he agreed to allow his daughter to go on the date without first meeting the boy, but he would be back the next day and he would like to meet him then.

Fallon knew by the way the story was lining up that something great way about to happen — and he was right. McGraw was having a barbeque the next day and forgot that the young man who took his daughter out on a date the night before was supposed to come over.

McGraw told Fallon he was wearing a white apron and cutting up some meat with a knife. He said there were blood and chunks of meat all over his clothes.

The doorbell rang and McGraw answered. He didn’t go into detail as to what the boy’s reaction was, but we could take an educated guess that he was somewhat taken aback and surely concerned for his safety. McGraw probably looked like something right out of the TV show “Dexter.”

Giving boys who date your daughters a hard time is almost a right of passage these days. Every boy has to go through it but looking at these stories from the outside doesn’t make it any less funny.