This Travel Poo Story is the Funniest Thing You’ll Read This Month. Jennifer Lawrence Says So.

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You will never, ever read a language barrier story funnier than this one Jack Whitehall told Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy on the Graham Norton Show. EVER.


[scroll down for video]

The British actor was on the show with America’s sweetheart and her X Men co-star when the topic of his embarrassing travel incident came up.


The proper British accent only adds to the setup as he discuss a powder room predicament many have faced. Whitehall emphasized his attempt to “do the right thing”.


That’s where things begin to go hilariously wrong, as nobody in the restaurant spoke English, and Whitehall speaks no Spanish.


The kindly waiter decides to step up and help the well dressed Englishman who is clearly in distress and communicating through hand gestures.


Only to be shown a toilet full of poo.


Just when it seemed like there was a chance of things being resolved, the situation made a turn for the funnier.


Well, crap. That was unexpected.



Users on Reddit thought the story was great and wondered what it must have been like from the waiter’s point of view. Thankfully, one heroic Redditor created the dialogue of the waiter explaining to his friends.

“How was work tonight?”

“Oh, god. Okay. So, this English tourist came in, right?”


“At first, I’m thinking that he looks like a decent enough guy. You know, he’s dressed well, he’s friendly, all of that.”

“But he wasn’t a nice guy?”

“Don’t skip ahead.”


“Sorry. Go on.”

“So, I’m waiting on this table of regulars, when the tourist walks up to me. He doesn’t say anything; he just gestures for me to follow him.”

“Follow him where?”

“To the bathroom.”

“Oh, man, did he want to… you know?”

“No! No, all he did was walk over to the toilet, show me that he’d pooped in it, and then flush it!”

“What did you do?”

“I told him yes, he was a big boy who could do his own business, then I left.”

“Englishmen, man. They can’t do shit without showing it off.”