This Kim Jung-Un Imposter at the Winter Olympics is the Best Thing you Will See Today [VIDEO]

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With the Olympics in full swing, there always seems to be at least one country on a power trip. This year it was North Korea. Dictator Kim Jong Un had an impersonator walk by the North Korean cheer squad. Thankfully, the Olympics are held in South Korea so ni one was killed on the spot for the impersonation.

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A man who only been identified as Howard gave his best impersonation of North Korea’s supreme leader during the Winter Olympics. The North Korea cheer squad, who was reportedly handpicked by Jung-Un himself, are unpaid and train for months.

According to the Daily Caller, the participants of the cheer squad are barred from speaking about what they see outside the world of North Korea.

As Howard made his way towards the cheer squad, you could see the visible disgust on the faces of the North Korean cheer squad members. The event took place during a hockey match between the unified Korean team and Japan.

The impersonator was seen waving around the unified Korean flag during the game. The impersonator, who could have won an award for his likeness, had the infamous haircut and the thick black-rimmed glasses.

Japan Times reported that some of the cheerleaders for North Korea waved back at the impersonator until he broke into an orchestrated routine.

Shortly after that, three men, who Howard claimed were not security guards, escorted him away from the cheerleaders. “I walked past the cheerleaders and waved but then three rough-looking guys, not in uniform who I suspect were North Koreans, came out of nowhere and grabbed me by the arm,” Howard said.

“When I waved the unified Korean flag at them they got really pissed off and started kicking me in the shins.”

Howard recalled getting into a shouting match with the bouncer before he was let go. It wasn’t long until actual security for the event came over.

“They didn’t arrest me, I was detained,” the impersonator said. “I didn’t break any law. It took them a while to get a translator but they said it was for my own safety because some conservative people (in the venue) didn’t appreciate my presence.”

Howard didn’t specify why he dressed like the North Korean leader, but it wasn’t to show solidarity, that’s for sure. The Twitter user below captured video of the incident. He claimed the imposter spoke English, and had a UK accent.