This ‘Deadpool’ Billboard Is the Best Billboard Since, Well, the Last ‘Deadpool’ Billboard.

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A new billboard popped up in LA that left Deadpool fans even more excited and likely lead to some interesting attempts to sound it out from people who aren’t excited about the Merc with a Mouth.

Spotted and tweeted by comedian Patton Oswalt, the billboard is a reminder of just how well star Ryan Reynolds and the entire team have really captured the irreverent (read: dickishly funny) soul of Deadpool – a good omen for the upcoming movie.

This is arguably even better than the last billboard portraying the movie as a romantic comedy where “True Love Never Dies” (factually true since he’s a mutant who is almost indestructible).

And let’s not forget that they gave everyone a Christmas gift when they released a new Red Band (NSFW) trailer to hold you over until next month: