The Internet Goes Crazy Trying to Solve Tricky Wheel of Fortune Puzzle

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A recent episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” a popular game show on ABC, had Twitter users chiming in with a range of hilarious and somewhat risqué answers to a bonus round puzzle. While the contestant actually guessed the correct answer relatively quickly, the internet found numerous other options for the solution that luckily didn’t end up announced on air.


The board read “–CK -T -ORK” before the contestant solved the puzzle. A twitter user, using the handle @twitersgoodboy, shared a picture of the unsolved bonus round board and chimed in with his guess of “suck it dork.”


Soon a range of responses to his post produced some similarly humorous potential answers including “lick it dork,” “f*ck it work,” and “dick at work.”





Fans of the game will note that “suck it dork” couldn’t actually have been the answer, as the letters that are always given to contestants are R, S, T, L, N, and E. Since the letter S is in that set, the board would have read “S-CK -T -ORK” if that would have been the correct response.

In the end, the actual solution to the puzzle was “BACK AT WORK,” as noted by this Twitter user who saw the contestant win the bonus round and take home the final prize.


h/t DailyMail