Penn Jillette Reveals His Amazing New Trump Inspired Trick [VIDEO]

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Magician, comedian, author, and outspoken Libertarian has taken aim at Donald Trump recently, including creating a brand new magic trick designed as a teaching tool to understand the Trump campaign.


“I did two tours of duty on Celebrity Apprentice (2012 and 2013), I spent some time around Trump, I know the way he works. I’ve just created off the top of my head right now a card trick that will illustrate how Donald Trump is running his campaign.”

The Las Vegas legend goes on to open a deck of cards and explain how Trump would pull of this new trick named after him.


“Say the campaign is a card trick. Say the American public has been asked to pick a card,” Jillette says, splaying the cards before picking on, the Jack of Hearts, to symbolize America picking a card in the trick.

The magician then goes on to insert the card back into the deck and begin shuffling, explaining that part of any good card trick is to keep banter going while you’re shuffling. He gives sample dialogue of what Trump would likely say.


“I got a perfectly ordinary deck of cards here, and Mexicans are rapists. Then you shuffle a little bit more and say ‘I still have an ordinary deck of cards here, and no Muslims can come to our country. The First Amendment is essentially obliterated.’

“Then when election time comes, after all this misdirection, all this shuffling and all the handling of the cards, he then has a card on top. ….He then produces the card and says ‘Is this your card?’


“It’s the six of hearts not the jack of hearts, CAUSE HE’S AN IDIOT! He would never get it right”