More Children than Adults Can Tell You Which Way This Bus is Going. Here’s Why.

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The television show Brain Games has set the internet on fire after an episode showed this picture and said 80% kids get it instantly but adults can’t figure it out.

The simple question is which direction is the bus driving in. According to Mashable:

That’s a little harder for adults, apparently. To solve the puzzle, you have to consider the following factors:

1 – Where are the doors? Is this some sort of futuristic bus where people are beamed inside a la Star Trek? Of course not. Simple logic will tell you that the doors are on the other side of the bus. Mr. Spock would be pleased.

2 – Now consider which side of the road the bus is on. People in America drive on the right side of the road, so you can assume this is the “right side.” Now place your bus driver. Is there a bus driver? Let’s hope so, or all these bus people are doomed. Since the bus on the right side of the road, you can assume through visualization that the bus driver is on the left-hand side.


3 – Next, let’s assume this bus was constructed correctly and the bus driver’s seat is at the front (or, again, certain doom awaits our bus people). Since the bus driver is on the left, and the left is the front, you can assume our non-doomed bus is going toward the left.

Here’s the clip from a promo of the awesome National Geographic channel show: