Instant Karma: Package Thief Snaps Leg During Getaway [VIDEO]

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There have been countless videos of package thieves receiving instant justice. We have seen people come up with ingenious ideas of making these thieves pay for their crimes. Who could forget one homeowner who put fireworks inside his package to teach would-be thieves a lesson? Or the one with cat poop? But sometimes karma just happens all on its own.

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Home security footage in Washington captured video of a woman attempting to steal three packages that were recently dropped off by UPS. The brazen daylight thief is seen approaching the house after she got out of the passenger side of a vehicle.

After she makes sure the coast is clear, she begins walking towards the door. Once she makes it to the front door, the woman grabs the three recently dropped-off packages and heads back to the vehicle.

But wouldn’t you know it, she slips on the wet grass as she attempts her getaway. Typically, it doesn’t seem karma is quite so instantaneous, but she is obviously the exception. As she lands on the ground, her leg appears to be caught under her body, and she is unable to stand. It looks like she actually broke her leg during her theft.

Her accomplice, who is still in the car, eventually comes running. The man can be seen carrying his partner in crime, who is holding her leg in obvious pain, back to the duo’s getaway vehicle.

To add insult to injury, the homeowner Lizeth Ababneh decided to release the video for all to see as she found it comical and how often do you see a thief get their just reward on tape?

Unfortunately, Ababneh claimed the package contained medicine her husband was waiting for. According to the Daily Mail, the suspects had reportedly stolen a package from Ababneh’s neighbor before hitting her house. Police are still searching for the two suspects.

Nobody ever said stealing a package required finesse.