Crystal Skull Writer Working on ‘Indiana Jones 5’

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Crystal Skull
That a new Indy movies is coming out is no surprise. Its a killer franchise with Harrison Ford, and its sister series, Star Wars, just blew sales records out of the water. So of course someone decided to bring the archetypal adventure archaeologist back for another round. Hollywood Reporter’s Heatvision, however, has revealed the surprise in the writer.

And its…David Koepp? The Crystal Skull guy?

If there’s one thing that can describe the Crystal Skull, its divisive. Aliens instead of Magic, Russians instead of Nazis (or Thuggees in the second film), and Shia LaBeouf were all unwelcome changes, and hearing that the man who brought us that is a bit unsettling. Of course, Koepp is an A-lister who has written other things. Lost World: Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds, Mission Impossible, and Inferno are all significantly less forbidden subjects than the fourth Jones movie. But still, its hard not to get a little nervous about anyone from that creative team being involved with the new one.

Better yet, by the sounds of it, ol’George will be out of it. So, no risk of a Jar-Jar or ewoks this time around.