Documentary Crew Discovers Sharks Love Death Metal Music [VIDEO]

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Documentary crews are always looking for new and innovative ways to approach the subject they’re documenting. Sometimes it’s as simple as food or some form of bait, but this crew realized music attracts sharks.


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The Discovery Channel, filming their annual Shark Week program, found if you put a speaker blasting death metal music into the water, it attracts different sharks from all over. One shark the documentarists were looking for was a Great White shark appropriately nicknamed ‘Joan of Shark.’


In an effort to attract Joan, they submerged a speaker into the water to see how sharks would react to music. Well, they got a response alright, but it wasn’t from the shark they were trying to feature. Instead of the 16-foot Great White, two 12-foot sharks were lured to them by the sound.


The reason the music attracts them is simple; sharks use their body to hear. The vibrations that the music gives off vibrates off their bodies and entices them to investigate. The documentarists claimed the vibration gives off a sound similar to a fish in distress.


Matt Waller, a shark tour operator in Australia, wanted to find a specific genre of music the sharks liked, or that changed their behavior, so they threw some AC/DC in the water and to his surprise, he suddenly had a plethora of sharks around his boat.


The change in behavior was significant; the sharks would butt their heads against the boats and dive cages, Waller explained. There is also apparently an upside using music to attract instead of bait. Many argue that it is more environmentally friendly and safer for the sharks.


Who would have thought that sharks would be attracted to music? There is surely a good story that we’re not hearing that goes with this discovery. Did someone drop their iPod in the water and discovered a ton of sharks came cruising by? The world may never know.