Patriotic Florida Man Saves Bald Eagle From the Clutches of Alligator’s Jaw [VIDEO]

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The most one-of-a-kind experiences seemly take place in Florida. This news article is no different. As an epic battle between America’s symbolic icon, the bald eagle, and Florida’s prehistoric dinosaur, an alligator, ensued, one patriotic American couldn’t stand by once the gator got an upper hand.


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Florida resident David Anderson was in his backyard when he noticed the unusual brawl take place. He jumped into the water, according to Fox News, after the gator had the eagle in its mouth, a decision that would soon have men and women around the U.S. cheering.


Once he got the eagle from the jaws of certain death, Anderson contacted local wildlife rescuer Justin Matthews in an effort to save the bald eagle.

Matthews, who made a social media post commending Anderson for his patriotic act, also announced that Anderson has cancer, an illness that didn’t stop him from saving American’s bird. “It actually brought a tear to my eye, that he would do something like that,” Matthews said.


Initial reports indicate that the eagle was searching for food in the pond to feed its family that was in a nearby radio tower.

Anderson spoke to Fox 13 to give the reason why he did what he did, the reason doesn’t get any more American. “It’s our bald eagle. It’s our treasure,” He said. “It stands for who we are and what we are.”


Word spread across social media, not of the gator in the backyard in Florida which is common place, but of the incredible deed he did for his country and the eagle.


Unfortunately, the eagle did succumb to its wounds and was euthanized at the Save Our Seabirds in Sarasota. One thing to take away in this divisive time in our country, no matter who the president is and if you agree or disagree with him, American still cares about the bald eagle and what it symbolizes.