Black Lives Matter Meets Texas Cowboys During Protest And The End is Amazing

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The protests in Dallas continue. Some are planned meticulously. Others, like the one detailed below, are more spontaneous. If you’ve been following the media coverage, you’ll know that anything can happen.

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This protest didn’t go the way anyone expected. “I can’t just sit back and feel this way without trying to change,” Britny Morrison, the event’s organizer, explained.

These Black Lives Matter supporters took to the streets calling for an end to the violence. They marched and chanted their way through the Dallas streets.

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Then they met a group of men who were willing to stand against them. White guys in pickup trucks, unironic cowboy hats and bluejeans tucked into their ropers. They were flying numerous flags, and wearing death-metal t-shirts. By all indications, the protest was about to get heated.

This crew was moved by the death of the Dallas police officers, and they were willing to stand in the way of the Black Lives Matter protest–or so it seemed.

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Though the two groups faced off, there was no violence. In fact, just the opposite. Representatives from each group met and they talked. Soon, both sides had merged together and were fist bumping and pulling each other into manly hugs.

“We’re all American. Hell!” Said Chris Rice.

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You can hear one of the people in the group, stunned by what he’s seeing, say “this is how you take down a wall!” There’s even a Dallas motorcycle cop in the mix.

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To round out the event, there was a massive group hug where all of the protesters and counter-protestors joined up before praying together for peace.

And this is, simply, how this story ends. It should be how this whole episode ends. The trick, it seems, is getting past the differences that divide us and finding that common bond of humanity that we all share.